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Fresh crab and lobster right from the mediterranean sea on TFL!!

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chahira daoud

Fresh crab and lobster right from the mediterranean sea on TFL!!

One of my friends made those , I liked it so much , and wanted to share with you these pics, her name is Roza , she is really a wonderful woman.Here you are the pics!!!!
































الحشوة التانية جبنة مثلثات + زيتون






الفطيرة الثانية



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Oh My!  These have to taste as wonderful as they look!  Such a display of mouthwatering culinary skills!


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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Amazing!  :-)

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chahira daoud

You know , we have a competition on this site in the baking place, 23 members are participating , and the site puts the last products pics for members for voting , Roza and me , facing each other she is 42 voices and me 40 , the voting process will stop 21th of this month , what an enjoyable competition , we can not stop laughing, it is really funny , why not to tell Floyd M to have such fun like this one on TFL.

I presented my chicken pie in this competition.

I will show Roza "she is also from Alexandria" this topic, she will be really happy of the topic and also of your wonderful comments.

Thank you dear fellows !! love you all !!

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These are so good looking. I have never seen this method of forming dough shapes with twine as it rises. It seems in one of the pics that the breads are baked with the twine/string Is that so? or is the twine removed before baking?

Thanks to both Roza and you, these are wonderful and all new to me.

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chahira daoud

Yes she baked it with the twine on to really give the shape of lobster.

I really want to try it , may be I can create new shapes of bread.

I think it will also work with rolls, I will try it and I will let you know.

Thanks to you and you are welcome dear, I am happy that you really like it.

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I've kept my eyes open all day looking around for twine. I will probably have to go and buy some. I can't wait to see what you do with this method. I am trying to think of interesting shapes to try. thanks again Chahira.

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Ha ha... Those are great.

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chahira daoud

Yes it is really funny shapes , I think that the kids will adore it.

Thank you Floyd M, have a nice day.

The forum became awesome , you really do a great job, I really want to thank you.

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Roza is very creative and did a terrific job on those great looking bread crustaceans :>)


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chahira daoud

Thank you Howard , I sent to her the link , it will be a great surprise to her,but I think that she is not on her desk.

Any way, I am missing your lovely and kind face in the pic, but this one also is great.

Have a nice day!