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Where to get tall loaf pans?

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Where to get tall loaf pans?

I am looking for a standard length/width (9x5?) bread pan the is about 5 inches tall. I want to make sandwich loaves that don't have the typical "shoulders" loaves get from shallower pans from when the dough rises and tried to spread outward. I have accomplished this with foil as an experiment but would like to find a permanent solution. I have seen the pullman pans but for some reason they seem inordinately expensive and may not be tall enough-I don't want to use the lid.

So, where can I get such pans? I have checked many sites on the internet but not found any yet.



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Wisecarver (not verified)

...I get any pans like that from either or Bed Bath and Beyond.
There are many sites on-line that sell them but those two are where I find the best prices on pans.
  All the best,

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I think the tallest pan you can easily purchase is Wilton long pan, it's 4.5" tall, but very long, and AFAIR costs the same as a pullman.


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I want a standard 9x5 but I need the pan to be 5-6inches TALL. I haven't found these anywhere, yet.

The pans pictured in this link are closest to what I am talking about. Scroll down about halfway.I believe the author that posted the pic is not in the USA,where I am, but I'd love to get hold of pans like that.

Anyone help with that?


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The one I have like the ones pictured, I bought at an estate sale some years ago for a quarter.  I'm in Montreal, and qahtan, who posted the original pictures, is in Ontario.  I think those pans are fairly old, so you could check antique outlets or garage sales.  They do make lovely tall loaves of bread and I'd dearly love to have more of them.  When I do want a really tall loaf of bread, I use my Pullman pan without the lid; it's a good long pan, so I divide the dough in two and put aluminum foil in the centre to make two loaves.  I know the Pullman pan is expensive, but it might be worth your while buying one just for the height.

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sheffield (not verified)

Here's a 4 inch pan.  It's longer and wider also

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sheffield (not verified)
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The terra cotta pans are interesting but I've never baked in clay pots.The pans on the other links are either standard depth or not deep enough but thanks for looking. I have been on those sites.

I'm considering cutting the bottom off a large loaf pan and inserting the bottomless top piece into a standard loaf pan to see if that would work. I've done it with foil but it falls apart easily.

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clazar123,  Restaurants have a variety of what are called "inserts" that are inserted into steam tables.  These are made out of heavy stainless steel you will never out live them.  They are available at restaurant supply stores.  I believe the size you are looking for is called a "third" indicating a third of a full size pan. I have several I just don't use them for bread but baked beans or meatloaf.  Shouldn't have any trouble finding them locally or online.
    Maybe that will help.

der Hinterhof


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I didn't look through all the loaf pans, but found this site:

when hunting for very tall cake pans to use for my English-style Christmas cakes this year.  

I found the selection to be superior to other places and the prices were very good (less than the best prices on Amazon or any other site that had these very difficult to find height pans.  

Good luck!


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