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Kiss me , congratulate me!!!

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chahira daoud

Kiss me , congratulate me!!!

My first sourdough bread !!!

Yes , I knew that pharoahs were used to make awesome bread using of course wildyeast...but did not try it , till I started to be freshloafer,, I was used to read about sourdough but afraid to begin cause my first experience was painful,,,

Mr.Peter reinhart really helped me , and I did my first loaves, it turned out awesome and really deserve to wait for it all of these days of care and patience.

Here you are the pics...




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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Your posts are awesome Chahira. :-)

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Congratulations on your first sourdough bread!

You are such a wonderful baker, it is no surprise that it came out so perfect.


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You did a wonderful job and your model is very cute!!


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Beautiful and Adorable!!  : *


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As David daid, it's no surprise that your bread came out so beautifully.  It's great that you get such joy from it.  So what did you think of the taste?



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chahira daoud

Dear Marni , the taste and the smell were awesome , the smell of my house was amazing and it has a lovely trace of sour but really adorable for all my familly members.

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chahira daoud

Thank you all, Marni, David, Sylvia, Mark, Betty, Paddy and Sara !

Dear Sara,I will write you the recipe, stay tuned!

I really would like to thank you all for your encouragement and your very nice words, I am really proud to be part of this wonderful forum.

A big kiss from me to all of you, may peace and love be upon all of us.

Bakers are the kindest people in the world , They do not know how to hate!!That is what I think ,I am one of these people, Thank you all !

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Chahira, you are a talented baker.  This bread is just another example.