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Hot stuff

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Hot stuff

I made a simple dough this morning with the intent of making some type of a picnic bread today. Something with cheese and onion, perhaps olives or sausage mixed in. But then we ended up picnicing at the lake today as well. After a long day in the sun, I just couldn't face the prospect of baking in 90 degree weather. Actually, it wasn't the baking as much as having the house heat up, particularly the upstairs bedroom, which get sweltering on hot days. So I froze the dough for a later date.

The heat did not stop my son, however:

His toy broom, which has hardly a bristle left, has recently been transformed into a peel. A super peel, perhaps?


He spent a good half hour loading and unloading loaves in the oven (hot tub lid) while we made dinner.


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That is quite an oven your son has there. I imagine he could bake 30-50 loaves at a time! The heat when he opens the door must be intense; perhaps he should wear a thicker shirt ;-)
PS My oldest was about 3 when I finally realized that going to the hardware store and buying them real tools was cheaper than buying them toy tools, and they ended up with real tools (e.g. a real ANSI-certified hard hat with an adjustable headband can be had for $8 US, while a toy hardhat that has a fancy sticker but doesn't actually protect the head often runs $12.) I think the same would apply to baking as well.

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Mini Oven

One time my sister in law brought her dough to the picnic. We rolled it out like a pizza and cut it into strips. Then helped the kids wrap the dough diagonally around fat sticks and the kids baked their own over the hot dog pit. It was a big hit. Mini Oven