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Hobart N50 tabletop mixer

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cake diva

Hobart N50 tabletop mixer

I'm a very new bread baker so I apologize for the naivete of my query.

I have a Hobart N50 (5quart bowl capacity) but need the dough hook.  I imagine that this will be able to handle heavy dough.  However, upon looking at the product specification, there is no dough weight/volume capacity listed for some of the heavier breads;  instead there are dashes (---).  Does this mean this mixer is unable to handle heavier breads?

I'd appreciate your help before I purchase the dough hook.  I have a KA Artisan which I've been using at speeds beyond 2 (I know you're not supposed to do that), but it makes a loud grinding noise and I'm sure it will blow up next time.


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I've had my N50 for more than 30 years (it's about 40 years old). I bake every week and have never had any problems handling up to 5-6 pounds of dough (Challah, Pan de Mie, Rye, Pizza, Bagel,etc.). You can find the exact specifications at:

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I am considering mixers.  Does the Hobart N50 mixer require alot of spatula work.  In other words is the space between the beater at the sides and bottom of the bowl leave too much material attached to the bowl so that you have to constantly mix it in by hand.  Power is one thing but how well does this machine clean its bowl.  thanks for some input.  I make multigrain breads, cookies and cakes etc. 

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The N50 does a great job of mixing and i've never had to incorporate ingredients by hand. (with the exception of some delicate fruits)  Multi-grain products are thoroughly combined by the machine and it cleans both the sides and bottom of the bowl.