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CADCO ovens

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CADCO ovens

Just curious if anyone has any experience using a CADCO brand oven.  My regular electric oven has always had thermostat issues but my landlord isn't in a hurry to replace it.  Locally, there seem to be some good deals on their smaller (ov-250) ovens (pdf-link) at the moment and I am curious if anyone has baked in one.

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I am new to this board and just posted to an older thread on this very subject yesterday


As stated, I have had my Cadco steam injection oven since July and love it.  There are no real reviews out there and I'll be glad to answer any questions.




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I've had their small tabletop convection oven for about 3 years. No steam or anything. It holds 3 quarter sheet pans.  I've been very happy with it.  The electrical harness in the back that connects to the fan blew out but was replaced under warranty. (I think it got grease on it from a cast iron pan hanging above it) I've been very careful about that since and no further issues.