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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all my friends here at TFL! old and new.

We've certainly shared lots of good times with our love for flour and yeast. My husband terms my almost nightly visit to TFL as "Breading", as in "What are you doing, breading?"

It's truly awesome how much this site has grown! Floyd, I remember a while back you broke down our membership by countries. It was amazing then and I'm sure phenomenal now (no, I'm not asking you to do it again, too much work!)

All the best..Floyd & Dstroy and kids, Howard, Dave, Mark, SourdoLady, Jane, Mini, Eric, Bill, Qahtan, MCCool, JMonkey, Norm, PaddyL, Chahira, Susan, Annie..oh gosh, I know I'm forgetting so many...sorry! and to all the new family too! Be safe!


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Happy NEW YEAR to everyone!!!!  May Health and Happiness always be with you.  From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (and our six months in Phoeniz, Az)LOL


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Thank you much!  Wishing peace and prosperity for you and your loved ones in 2009!

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I wish good health and happiness to all my good breadbaking friends!  May your breads always rise and give you joy and good nutrition, so you can all stay healthy.  My first reaction when I came to this site was, "Wow!  It's all about my favourite topic - bread!"

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Here's wishing you and your's, along with everyone on TFL, the best of everything in 2009.  This site is special, with a great group international bakers who are genuinely nice people.  I'm grateful to have been able to participate in the fun and some very interesting baking projects on TFL during the past year.


EDIT: Betty this is my new look.  Bought some of Estaban's old clothes, ties and hats at a garage sale near Flagler Beach last week.  Yeah, it's same Estaban who dresses in black, wears sunglasses and sells guitars on QVC.  :>)

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You devil you, how does Charlotte put up with you! Your new look, so suave and debonair!


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Hoping the New Year brings peace and prosperity to all of you and your loved ones.

And to Floydm - hoping this excellent forum goes from strength to strength. Pat.

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Wisecarver (not verified)

More better, healthier, success'ier...A super duper 2009 for all!

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Happy New Year to everyone to share all yours information and yours knowledge during the year.Good job.


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May you knead with vigor and slash with confidence.  May your ears bloom, your crusts crisp, and your crumb be full of holes.  And whether your bread be sweet or sour, may it bring health and joy to you and yours throughout the year.


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May you have a blessed new year in 2009.


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May the New Year bring all of you peace and contentment, and a new feeling of joy in the possibilities of the years to come.

Thank you, Floyd, for the site, and everyone, for all the information you are sharing.

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Happy New Year to everyone.  Thanks Floyd for this wonderful site and to all the talented bakers who share their knowledge.  May your year be a healthy and happy one!


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Debra Wink

I'm brand new here, but wanted to jump in and wish everyone the very best New Year :-)


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chahira daoud

Oh betty!! muah!!

Happy new year , wish you the best , love , peace , health, and everything joyful in this world.

That is so nice of you , you are amazing!

Thanks to Floyd very much , wish for him and his family all the best .

A big kiss from me to all the amazing freshloafers!

Happy new year, may this year be for all of us full of success specially in BREAD.

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Can't believe how much I have learned on this site. It is truly part of my day!  I'm kind of a silent listener but am very involved in TFL!  My batteries died on my camera but ......move over,  I can't wait to post these beauties. 

A heart felt " Happy New Year" to all!!!