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chahira daoud


Hello freshloavers!!

I would like to ask you if anybody can tell us how these buns were shaped???

May be we can try it once....

Thank you so much.

Happy new year!


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I've been studying the picture and even tried the site but no luck. It would be good to get a different viewpoint of the pic.Time to break out the play dough!

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chahira daoud

Thanks Clazar

I am a member at this site,, it is an arabic site , I came from there , this post was posted by a woman from lybia, and she bought these buns from a bakery in lybia, and she wondered how it has been shaped,, people on this forum said that there is always at lybia such awesome shapes for buns, but we are trying now to dicover how it has been shaped , tomorrow , I will give it a try!

wish me good luck, and as soon as I reach it , I will share it with you 

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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Chahira, Sito used to make something like this and if I'm not mistaken she first formed balls then rolled them to the correct thickness and cut strips that were then rolled up, once rolled a sharp blade was used to cut and form the part that bakes smooth but she kept her hand wet and pulled the cut edges back.

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chahira daoud

Thank you dear

I really do not know who is Sito, but your explanation is quite clear, I will give it a try , I will let you know what happened, can not wait till tomorrow to start !

I really appreciate your help , Thank you so much.

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Maybe it would work if you started with an oval. Then take a sharp knife and cut lenghtwise slices leaving them connected on one end. Finally, roll up the slices to get that shape. I can picture it in my head, but that's the best explanation I can come up with.

If you figure it out, please post pictures of the technique. Those are beautiful rolls. Are they meant to look like a squid?

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chahira daoud

Thank you javaguy, I will try also your idea, if I will figure it out , I will share of course the technique's pics with you.

Those are really very well shaped, other bakers on this site try also to figure it , and one of us will reach it soon.

Thank you so much!

Happy new year for all of you!

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You have very good pastries you should try to put some of yours recipies on web.I do not understand what is with yours web pages,when I go there that my computer shut off.


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chahira daoud

Dear saintdennis,

Thank you for your nice words ,

but which "web pages" do you mean, you mean my blog or the site from where i brought to you this picture.

Talking about this problem , I had the same last month, and with several sites , blogs and sites , i asked , some told me that may be there is a virus on my pc, i checked it several times but it was definitily clean , and the problem ends by itself , till now we could not find a logicaly reason.

Anyway , I will try to put some of these recipies as much as I can, just stay tuned , and if you really want a special pastries that you tried before and really liked it do not hesitate and tell me , i will write the recipe for you with pleasure.

Thank you , and happy new year to you and to your family.


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Dear Chahira Daoud,

thank you for your email.The webside I have problem are:" and I see your pastries that are very special.I never see anything like that. Have and yours families Happy and Healthy New Year.



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chahira daoud

Hello saintdennis, Ozzo .com is the server where I downloaded the pics on it , nothing on it , just a server, is an arabic site , so if you can not read arabic , it is not useful , but i have an english blog , may be it will be interesting to you

Thank you dear for your nice words , you really gave me a push ,wish you a very happy new year full of love and peace .

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These are tipical italian shape. Can have differents name, but the most common is "mantovana".

I'm pasting here some links to *italian* forum where the process of shaping mantovane is well described.

I think you could use babelfish or service like that to translate it in English. Anyway, most of the images are self explanatory.




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chahira daoud

Oh Simone , you are an angel!!!

Thank you sooooooooo much!!

I checked the italian site , and I am trying to read it ,it is not so difficult to me to understand it , italian is a little bit close to french and i can speak french .

I will try to make this , it is really awesome buns.

Thank you and happy new year.

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Mini Oven

Makes me think that after they were cut, they might have been dropped into a poaching bath like bagels and then baked.  They sure are pretty!


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Dear Chahira,

 thank you for your blogspot.I will go there to try your recipes.The pastries that you show us "The fresh loaf"are beautiful and I love them.

                                     Thank you again


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You are just amazing. I saw you recipes at 

I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts