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Help please with measurements!

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Help please with measurements!

Please help me figure this out.  I'd like to make Norm's Onion Rolls today.  I've got an old manual scale and believe I can get the flour and water measured but ".6 oz" of salt is going to be difficult.  Can someone give me an approximate measurement of ounces vs teaspoons/tablespoons?  I've been searching for the past hour and still can't figure this out.  Just a starting point would be useful.  Thanks in advance.  Micki

gaaarp's picture

Micki, the big issue with converting salt is that different types of salt measure differently.  For example, I use Diamond Crystal kosher salt, and I have found that if a recipe gives both teaspoons and ounces or grams, when I measure the salt by weight, I have almost double the teaspoons listed in the recipe.

That said, a very rough starting point for table salt:  0.6 oz is about 1 tablespoon (or 3 teaspoons).  If you are using kosher, you'll probably want to use more.

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A teaspoon of basic table salt is about 6 grams, if that helps.

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the above should be fine

the water is liqued wight so volumetric 8 oz is one mesure cup

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Thank you both.  Am afraid I'm still "old school" and used to using cups and tsp/Tbsp measures.  Had decided I'd purchase a digital scale with some Christmas money but haven't made that trip yet.  I do have the dough rising.  Will report back on the end result.  Thanks again.  Micki

P.S.  Gaaarp, I'm also a salt-a-holic, so 'large spoonfuls' are nearly a requirement.