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Five Grain Bread from Hamelman's "Bread"

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Five Grain Bread from Hamelman's "Bread"

Wow!  If you ever want to try a WONDERFUL straight dough multigrain bread.  I strongly recommend the 5 grain bread from Hamelman.

I needed a straight dough, and needed to bake today to relieve some stress.  It was worth the effort to round up the ingredients that I didn't already have.  This bread came out of the oven a few minutes ago, and I'm delighted.  It was to make 3 1.5 lb loaves.  Even though I weighed the ingredients, I came out with 5 lbs of dough, so I made 4 2-oz rolls with the extra 1/2 lb of dough I had after forming the loaves.  Yeah, I know, only 3 rolls in the picture.  How do you think I know how good the bread came out?

Aside from ending up with great bread, I learned a lot from making this bread.  This was my first bread using a soaker, and I was afraid it wasn't wet enough, as the soaker quickly absorbed all the water (soaker is corn meal, wheat bran, rolled oats and flax seeds).  I felt like this was an improvement in my shaping and slashing techniques, though I still have plenty of room for improvement.  I proofed two loaves in brotforms (the round and one oval) and the other in a cotton tea towel I had floured and rigged to provide some support to the sides of the loaf.  Next time, I'll keep a little closer eye on it and either tent or lower the heat, as it 's a bit more brown crust that I'd like for the main loaves, especially the round loaf that was on the top shelf of the oven.  This is definately a bread I'll make again.

I'll post a photo of the crumb after I cut the big loaf tomorrow morning for breakfast for the kids!

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Hi, ema2two.

That sounds great.

The sourdough version ("5-grain Levain")is one of the tastiest breads I've ever had. It has an optional overnight cold fermentation that definitely makes it even better.

I bet the straight dough version makes great toast. The levain version sure does.


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Ok, so even though I've been a member of this website for a couple of years, I'm mostly a lurker and don't always have time to even do that.


This bread recipe sounds really good. I tried looking up Handleman's bread, 5 grain bread in the archives and even tried Googling and Amazon books to find this person's recipe.

May I ask? WHERE did you get it, lol. And are you able to pass it on? Or where in the archives may I find it? Book?



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 Bread, a Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes by Jeffrey Hamelman, who also happens to be the  Director of the Bakery and Baking Education Center at King Arthur Flour.

Buy the book.  You won't regret it.


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Darlene--glad I dragged you out of lurkdom, but sorry I sent you on a frustrating wild goose chase due to my fatigue when I made my original post (now corrected) and getting Hamelman's name wrong.

I would add to the post with the full title, that "Bread" has been a great resource, taught me a ton, and has provided me with many wonderful recipes so far.  It definitely worth buying.

I've updated my original post with a picture of the crumb as well as the crust of this bread.  It's still delicious several days later.

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