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Signature Secrets?

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Signature Secrets?

KA has a recipe for Fruitcake that has a ingredient called Signature Secrets Culinary Thickener.

I looked at the Signature Secrets website and it looks like the smallest container it is sold in is a one gallon jug, which sounds like a lot more than I would use in a couple of years.

Does anyone have experience with this?  It looks like cornstarch might be the closest substitute.


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instant clear gel

is a modifed starct that will thicken upon contact with liqued no cooking required it frezzs well and is very stable. it is used in instant puddings and other types of fillings.  it also works well in a high acid enviorment.

from the product specs this is a meven more modified version there are places that will sell it in bulk or 1 pound bags by mail.

one place is i think it is about 3.50 per pound a high price but in bulk it comes in 100 pound bags but it is less than 1.50 a pound that way

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Dolf I was looking on the web and saw there very nice your "Dutch Regale's Almomd/Rum Stollen" please, can you give me that recipe for that rum stollen or tell me wher I can get it?? 

                       Thank  You