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Sourdough Pictorial aka Creating a Starter

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Sourdough Pictorial aka Creating a Starter

This is a pictorial process for creating your starter. You can follow the attached chart to see the feeding schedule I use for a two-a-day feeding.

The feeding chart

I like this method because it meets my particular work needs.

In this example the starter was kept between 74 and 80° F for the entire process except for Day Four PM to the AM schedule on Day Five. This time I left it in an area that was at least 84° F. You can see how the fermentation "got away." This will be corrected by returning the starter to the 74 and 80° F range.

Day One

Your ingredients

The initial mixing process

Day One "0 hours"

Day Two AM

24 hours later

Mixing process

Day Two PM 6+ hours later

Day Three AM 16 hours later

Day Three PM 6+ hours later

Day Four AM 16 hours later

Day Four PM 6+ hours later

Day Five AM 16 hours later

At this point continue to feed the starter and use as needed in your formulas.


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Do you have to use bread flour? could you substitute all purpose?

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I'm making a batch right now with All-purpose flour. I've read that the increased gluten in bread flour may actually work against the large open texture I prefer in sourdough, stiffening the dough and making the pores smaller and more regular.
I'll let you know how this comes out! It's the first bread with a new starter, so anything can happen as I see it.