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My first shot at Melon Bread

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My first shot at Melon Bread

I made Melon bread for the first time today using the recipe posted by minako. We loved them.

I followed her directions with only I few adjustments. One adjustment I made was to put no egg in the bread dough and 1 whole egg in the cookie dough. I also didn't happen to have any pastry flour in the house, which I assume is what she meant by "soft flour", so I used all-purpose unbleached flour in both doughs.

Here are the doughs when they were ready to shape. The cookie doughs had been chilled and the bread doughs had already risen once.
melon bread

After rolling out one of the cookie dough circles, I placed a ball of bread dough inside and wrap it up.
melon bread

Then I flipped them over, score them gently with the back of a butter knife, and sprinkled on a little sugar.
melon bread

Ready to bake!
melon bread

Here they are done. It looks like I should have scored them a bit more, because the melon-y pattern completely disappeared.
melon bread

Up close.
melon bread

No matter, the kids loved them!
melon bread

Yum yum.
melon bread

Thank you again for the recipe, minako!


jef_lepine's picture

When you're assembling the cookie and the bread:

I just roll out the dough into tight rolls.
Then I roll out the cookie dough and cut it with a circle cutter.
Brush the tops of the rolls with butter and then place the cookies on top. I don't tuck the dough *under* the dough, it just covers the tops.

If you're interested in a Mexican version of these, try looking up 'conchas'. They're VERY close to the same thing.