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Hello! I am new. I love this site! So many brilliant bread tips! In the few weeks I have lurked (my first encounter was in looking for a Kaiser Roll recipe)--I found Floyd's, made and loved it! I stuck around a bit longer in search of something else: pizza dough. Found Floyd's post on that, too. Loved it. Purchased the Bread Baker's Apprentice last week. I just made Peter Reinhart's Ciabatta yesterday. I know I am behind the curve on that one--the book having been published a while ago--but new to me! There was flour everywhere! But the crust, from the look of it and from what I've seen so far, seems to have baked up perfectly. My house smelled so good while it baked. I'm no professional baker by any stretch, but can honestly say, it was some of the finest bread I've ever had. I also have: The Bread Bible by Beth Hensperger and Healthy Bread in Five Minutes A Day (made roasted garlic potato bread from it) very good. I'm having trouble getting a photo to load to accompany this post. Sorry! But I have ciabatta pics on my blog!

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