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I know this sounds weird. But bear with me.  

We make beer. When you home-brew and move your batch from bucket to carboy, you have yeasty leftovers in the bucket that I call "sludge". They smell yeasty like beer and make me want to use them -- not chuck them! So, I fed my starter (20g) with 50g of sludge. I added bread flour for the right consistency and left Sir Bobby Farts-Alot alone overnight to do his thing. Guess what: he loves beer as much as I do!  Dude tripled overnight and so I decided to bake with him the next morning. I added some more sludge just for giggles and then looked for some more ingredients. I had just harvested my purple & red carrots, garlic and rocoto peppers -- so that sounded good enough to me. I have a mockmill attachment to my KitchenAid and milled my whole grain flour needed for this recipe.

Sir Bobby of the sludge


Beer sludge
Beer & Water


Insert: raw purple & red carrot, rocoto pepper(1/2) fresh raw garlic (1 TBS)


Sunflower seeds for crown


Bread Flour


Milled Spelt kernels


Milled rye kernels


Brotgewürz (even amounts of coriander, caraway, fennel seeds ground roughly in the pepper mill)

½ tsp


1 tsp



Total Flour


I mixed up the starter, liquids, flour & salt as well as seasonings and let that rest for an hour. Then I did my first coil fold. Rest another hour, then do a lamination. Once the dough was stretched out, I added the inclusions of shredded carrot, minced fresh garlic, small cut up pepper. That got rolled up and mixed in and put back into the bowl. More rest, more coil folds until I was happy with the feel. Pre-shape and bench rest, shape, dip in some sunflower seeds, and then he went into the Banneton and the fridge. I baked this morning in the Dutch Oven @485 for 20 min with lid, 20 min without @ 450F. 

I still can't score well, so the top didn't open very much, but the crust was very crunchy nevertheless. I usually dust with a mix of barley & rice that I milled @ setting #8. Together with the sunflower seeds made for an awesome crust. The crumb was soft and squooshy (my kind of technical term) and the flavors on the inclusion went surprisingly well with each other. Who would have thought to put carrot with garlic & hot pepper!  Haha! Me!!  Anyway, I thought I share this with y'all. I got my very confusing start here on this site and "Minioven" helped me a lot with figuring out the bakers math. I'm still learning, but I'm getting there. 


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