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OK, here we go!

I have avoided trying a lot of gluten free recipes till now, because they required the addition of xantham gum. This replaces the stretchiness of the missing gluten. Not that there is anything wrong with this additive, but it is fairly expensive and just seemed "unnatural".

Attempting recipe for Cinnamon Rolls from a book given to me by my daughter last Christmas - About time! Picked up some sorghum flour and tapioca flour - had the xantham gum.

Recipe went together well and is on first rise as I write this. Dough came together well, and some some minor vigorous beating later looks a lot like real dough. Cleaning off the spoon after it sat a bit, I noticed a gummy feel - So what did I expect??? Not quite like wheat dough, but interestingly sticky.

30 minute rise will be over in a few minutes - then to assemble the rolls. I can't wait! I can't wait? We'll see.

There is a recipe for sorghum pizza dough in the book, which may be next on my list. For the most of you, who do not have a problem with wheat, you have no idea what a craving can develop for that chewy mouth feel of real dough. The interesting thing about this recipe is that it is the only GF pizza recipe I have come across, which allowed the dough to be used in the normal fashion - spread it out and add the toppings before baking. The others are very sloppy and require a prebake before topping.

It would seem that the wheat intolerance corrolary to "No Pain, No Gain" Should be "Gain, No Pain"
I do claim copyright to that.

Timer for first rise just went off. Tune in later for the rest of the story!


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