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I've been lurking for a while, reading and digesting and I've been struck by how awesome the community is here and so I decided to start chronicling my new bread adventures.

My current bakes over the last couple of weeks have been:

  • The loaf from lesson one - this went down well with the missus, warm with butter.
  • Zolablues Cinnamon Rolls - These were amazing. Shared with a few friends. Didn't last 2 days!
  • Pretzels - These were ok, I definitely need to work on them
  • A couple of batches of Poolosh Baggettes from BBA, but shaped into smaller rolls. - These have been my lunch for the last couple of weeks. Awesome!
The current plan is to bake bread for my lunch, so I can enjoy some tasty rolls instead of dull shop board sandwiches!
I've started a couple of sourdough starters, which seem to be stumbling a bit. But hopefully they'll pick up soon so I can start one some sourdough rolls!
Anyway, Hi all! Hopefully I'll have some pictures in my next post.



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