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This is my wife favorite recipe and pretty simple. The recipe is from german baking supply company Bäko Gruppe Nord.

Pane Olivia:

Bread flour ---------------------------------1000g

Water --------------------------------------- 720g

Fresh yeast/ instant yeast -------------- 15g / 6g instant yeast

Salt ----------------------------------------- 22g

Sliced olives ------------------------------ 100g

Sun-dried tomatos ---------------------- 150g

Knead all ingredients except Salt,Olives and Sun-dried tomatos on first/low speed for 4-5 min.

Switch to second/higher speed and Salt and knead for 5-6 min. Switch to low speed and add Olives and Sun-dried tomatos. DDT 75°F

Bulk fermentation 60 min. (strech and fold after 30 min.)

Put dough into container, cover with plastic bag and refrigerate up to 12-14 hour at 7°C/44°F.

Next day divide into rectangles pieces (2x2 inch) proof for 20-30min. and bake at 450°F for 15-20 min.

Good luck




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