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After my starter died, I figured I'd try some old recipes. I figured that I won't add another loaf bread, so I did different shapings.


  • The ounce recipe is the original one,
  • I converted to grams.
  • Times were orignally developed for a 3 speed mixer.
  • Scaling is for small rolls, I don't remember the weight I used for the toast. (Excel 2007 format)

1st Trial


2nd Trial

2nd Trial Crumbshot - Second day crumbshot

Single Piece

Pull Apart Toast Shapes
1. Roll flat with rolling pin
2. Fill
3. Roll into log
4. Cut in the center
5. Line the molds, then lay into mold like cinnamon rolls
6. Proof
7. Spread topping
8. Bake


  1. Scale individual pieces (IIRC, 120g)
  2. Roll flat, then fill
  3. Roll into log
  4. Fold into "U" shape
  5. Slice down vertically in the center of the log
  6. Open and spread flat
  7. Proof
  8. Eggwash, top with assorted toppings
  9. Bake

I did end up slicing them the next day and turning into sliced toast, but making another sandwich with more ham and (melty) cheese seemed plausible.

Of course (Gluten-free) cake was for dessert. 


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It’s strange to be looking at such an unassuming loaf of bread, bought/ordered from our local (Taiwan) 7-11. At approximately $12 USD, it’s one expensive loaf by Taiwanese standards and US standards.

The bread was sent overnight to our local 7-11 for pickup, and was completely frozen when I received it. Covered in a paper bag and completely sealed in a plastic bag seemed excessive, but soon we would find out why. After toasting, the crust seemed so thin that it seemed to shatter when you bite it. I can’t really say whether the crust was originally crispy, but after toasting, it was probably the best crust I’ve tasted.

(The slices in these two images are frozen. I had to store them cut, since all the family wanted to try some)

(Defrosted slice)

The crumb didn’t have large aveoles, but wasn’t dense either . The taste of longan itself was fragrant throughout the loaf, and it’s sweetness perhaps was attributed to the brown sugar. THERE ARE WALNUTS, but really I couldn’t taste them though. Meh.

So finally where does this bread come from?

Po-Chun Wu- 2010 Coup Du Monde

I can't say that 7-11 or Po-Chun Wu's bakery was the one that baked this bread. But I can only hope it was his..

Perfect white toast from 7-11 for the next post....

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