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Ok, I bought I it problem after three days...the whole things went flat and running and full of watery stuff on the surface, smells like cheese, (which I think isn't good), can I rescue it?

I think it may have been too hot in the hotwater cupboard, and maybe I should have put it somewhere else?  

Quelle Disaste!



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Ok, I finally have given in..I can read from here, learn from here, but now I can see I need (knead) lol to read and learn so much more..can anyone out there give me some advice about which book to buy for my bread baking shelf?

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Hi Everyone!

I am desperate, the new place we moved into has a convection oven.  I am not used to cooking in an electric convection oven and have not been having good results with my bread baking.  

Is there some way to control things better so I can get good results?




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