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Made this bread recipe a day ago. :) It was delicious! The crust is really crunchy, crumb is chewy. Since I don't have a Dutch oven (nor a proofing basket) I baked the dough on a cookie sheet so I didn't get that pretty bread on the cover nevertheless the bread is great!

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This year I've decided I want to be a pro, become a baker. Make pretty and delicious bread that a lot will enjoy.

Last tuesday, I bought called Della Fattoria and baked my first loaf (from the book) a White Sandwich Bread the next day.

Day One:


The recipe yielded to a kilo of dough, not wanting to end up with a lot of bread I halved the recipe.

With 75% hydration bread on an inexperienced hands I struggled in kneading everything was sticking everywhere, 45 min to an hour of kneading, but still couldn't get a good windowpane. Tired, I put down the dough and proceeded with the instructions. I'll just cut the story short, it was bad. I got a dense bread with gummy crumb and no oven spring. Although it did taste nice from the Virgin Olive Oil it was yuck.

Day two:

During the night before I looked for videos in youtube  and scoured the net (and this site) on handling and discovered Richard Betinet's Stretch and Fold technique. He mentioned using strong bread flour in one of the videos, so from using APF as the recipe I decided I'll use Bread flour.

I made two loaves from the same recipe, one from APF and another from BF, using the S&F technique the BF worked wonderful, not as sticky as the other one. Fermented for an hour, preshaped, final shaping, proofing, then I baked the loaves thinking it'll come out good now. :P I was deceived, by the smell, and looks. Sliced it in half, and found a gummy crumb


3 fails in two days was tiring. :P So I found my way in this site's forum.

Day 3:

Thanks to the helpful bunch that helped me! I finally made a yummy white bread! :D


- Use BF than APF

- S&F for 10 - 15 min. until window pane

- Dough is ready for baking when it is taut and responsive

- Bake on the middle rack, using gas oven where heat element is on "top and heat comes from panels on the side" (fattoria pg 16)

- Use Sylvia's steam (I only used one pan with wet towel, microwaved for 1 min) on the bottom,and squirt water on the sides as well (to help)

- Preheat oven at 500F, then bring down to 400F - 450F. Over a baking tray bake for 20 -30 min in pan, 10 min w/o pan.

- Bake till internal temp of bread is 195 to 205°F


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Bread Flour100%1000g300g
Shortening (butter / Margarine)5%50g15g
Milk Powder5%50g15g
(30g/ 64pcs)
(30 g/ 18pcs)
 Filling for Spanish Bread: 1/2 cup butter1 cup Brown Sugar1 cup Bread Crumbs Notes: - Knead till dough feels tacky, windowpane should show less "veins", at least 10 - 15 minutes kneading with 2 minute rest. - Bulk Fermentation 1 hour  - Dough is ready when it feels taut and leave small impression - Scale, and Preshape into small balls, Rest for 30 min or until it doubles in size   -With a rolling pin flatten the dough into a rectangle - at least cover the middle of dough with a lot of filling, then Roll. - Cover the dough with Bread Crumbs  - Ferment: 1 hour - Bake at 365 f for 20 minutes or until golden brown, Rotate pan.   - The bread is soft and slightly sweet  - Filling wasn't enough so I added a lot more above -Don't use dark trays
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