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I used sourdough lady's starter recipe and suddenly after two weeks of feeding...ITS READY!!! Wow, it really sprang to life and easily doubles every time I feed it! I'm like a proud father every time I look at it (which is about every 30 mins at this point).

So now I need help. I need SD recipes and advice on the next step. Thanks in advance for your help.


Portland, Oregon

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Here is the result of watching the video clip of Danielle Forestier on Julia Childs show where she slaps the dough some 800+ times.  And I attempted to do just that.....800 times!!!

And what difference did it make?  Mine came out kind of flat, not much oven spring, mis shaped due to their incredible second rise right into one another, and complete lack of large holes.  Where are those darned holes!!!?!?!?!

Taste good, though (despite the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome I'm now expriencing).

Any suggestions?

800 slaps on the bench!!!800 slaps on the bench!!! 

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