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Jon Morrison

I spoke to a professional baker on making bagels and he told me he uses ice in his dough.  This lowers the temperature of the dough allowing for a longer mix time with the large mixer.  Has anyone else had experience with using ice?  Can you do it with other sour doughs?


I am currently baking 7 types of sour dough,30-40 loaves a week, no rye yet.





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Jon Morrison

I am slowly getting ready for Farmers Market.  Still cooking in my home.  The commercail kitchen is still a couple of weeks away.  I have five different sourdough breads, three different flour blends.

Using Peter Reinhart's Pain au Levain, morph some into Pain ausx herbes provance using Panzy's Herb de Provence blend.

Using Peter's San Francisco recipe I use Gérard Rubaud flour blend.  Some of it morphs into a multigrain using 3/4 King Arthurs Harvest Blend and 1/4 extra poppy seeds.

I also made Reinhart's Whole Wheat sourdough.

This week Olve bread will be added to the mix.

About everyother week I bake sour dough bagels.


I tried to make a rye starter, but it didn't work out yet.  I'll be back working on it later this summer.


One thing I have found that helps male the herb bread and multigrain bread is to add these when the adding the water to the firm starter.  They get well blended in before the flour and salt are added.


This has been quite a journey.  With last week baking 36 loaves in five days.  Very therapeutic and fun.


My one worry is trying to bake in the steam convestion oven.  I read a lot of horror stories.  Any help would be get.


Jon Morrison

The Bread Dude

as one of my customers calls me.




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