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Jim Burgin

New to artisan baking, I have been struggling with tough chewy crust that stresses my jaw.  .  Can someone recommend a recipe that uses only white unbleached All Purpose flour with a12-16 hour poolish and produces CRUST that is thin, crackly, and will not send me to my dentist.  I bake using a cloche.  Thanks much!  Jim Burgin

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Jim Burgin

Love the site!!

1.  When I enter the site from my desktop computer, I find that I am automatically logged in and do not have to enter my user name and password.

2.  When I try to enter the site from my tablet, the site will not accept the user name and password I have established at my desk top computer.  I get a message asking if I want to change my password.

3.  Do you have to have different user name and password for EACH hardware you use to access the site?

Help please!

Thanks much,  Jim Burgin

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Jim Burgin

5/14/14.  I am a novice bread baker.  Made "Rustic Bread" (recipe on this site) today.  Tastes good.  Beautiful holes in crumb.  But need advice on two issues:

1.  Following the formula, the dough was VERY wet, sticky.  I could not shape it well.  .  Would not hold boule shape before baking.  Flattened out before baking.  Did not flatten out more once in the oven.  If I addressed this problem by adding more flour doesn't that make it more difficult for the crumb to form large holes?  

2.  Never achieved the beautiful dark crust in picture.  Only reached golden brown when done. 



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