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I am a new user of this amazing machine. Being a chefin a professional capacity, I am perplexed with how many of you use the machine. I am not one to add water first (liquid) for the doughs, now I have made several batches od various breads in the Ank, and my recipes are tried and true, and now come out better becasue I can actually get the gluten to activate unlike the KA machines. So, I add all my flour and 3/4 of the water until I see if humidity plays a factor, and my baguette recipe, I dont hold back anything, but I also am using a 100% hydration poolish, and a little water. It was gorgeous when it finished. So, is there a reason why y’all put the water first, as opposed to the flour? I do not mean to step on toes or make anyone who is passionate about this upset, but I know people have their reasons, I just want to try to understand the concept. Thank you. 

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