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My name is Jean, the Belgian version (I am a guy).

 I have been baking bread for the last 30 years in an electric home oven,  never getting the perfct loaf.

I am loking forward to check out all the techniques you are using to get an artisanal loaf out of an electric home oven.

my field of experimenting now is "no Knead" bread.

I was impressed with the results i had in getting the texture and crust I have been looking for.

My last recipe has been the best, I reduced the size to reflect the fact that only my wife and I are the only ones left and one of us doesn't appreciate two days old bread.

Here is the formula.

It is in grams  Sorry.

Organic Flour                        250 g

Potato flakes                         30 g

Instant Yeast                      1/16 tsp

Salt                                      8 g

Starter (sour) 90% hydrated   40 g

Beer Lager                           50 g

Tap water                           200 g

oven                                475 deg F

Bake                                 30 min

Crust (lid off)                       5 min

It is not quite no knead since i knead the dough for 1 min after the fist rise (12 hour).

Process is as follows:

Mix dry ingredients (first four) in large bowl.

Mix wet ingerdients (last four).

Combine both in the dry mix bowl until well mixed.

Cover and let stand for 12+ hours.

Flour kneading surface, scrape very wet dough out of the bowl on to kneading surface, flour hands, knead dough for 1 minute

Clean bowl and grease, I use unsalted butter.

Return dough to greased bowl and let rise for 2 hours.

Half an hour before the end of the second rise turn the oven on to 475, put baking dish in oven (I use a corning ware lidded dish).

After the 2 hour rise time i take the dish out of the oven remove the lid (carefull,It is hot) and sprinkle some wheat bran in the bottom of the dish.

I then carefully turn the bowl with dough over the hot dish the dough kind of rolls out gently plpos down pu the lid on in the it goes for the baking times noted.

The smells call you to the oven when done(set a timer just in case).


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