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I think I did better this time, with the extra half-recipe - no deflating!

Someone made the very cool suggestion of using purple potatoes, so now I have to try that!

I did try to shape these, the second loaf worked just fine but this first one broke apart when I rolled it up. Probably just me being a bit too rough with the dough. There is a good reason for my username.

Currently I am working on this:

yogurt sourdough starter.

Wish me luck - <3M

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So, here goes - I've finally got my very own kitchen ALL MINE ::evil laughter::!

My sister gave my mother Bernard Clayton's "New Complete Book of Breads" and my mother promptly said "I quit." and gave it to me, along with all her loaf pans, bread stones and nice big bowl for rising. I am now the family baker. Cool!

Follow along as I do wierd things to perfectly innocent dough!

Here is my second try at potato sandwich bread:


and here is the third:


I suspect I have over-proofed! The next time I make this recipe and I using half-again and going with 'poke it' instead of 'doubling in size', all thing I have heard from forum threads on this site.




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