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Gilles Ted's blog

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Gilles Ted

Dear Bakers,

My App to create avanced Bread Recipes is now Free of charge for most of the functions.

Enjoy baking without having to make baker's percentage heavy calculations.


Gilles for French Bread Recipes team.

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Gilles Ted

Bread lovers!

Discover how to design your Bread like a pro without worring about baker's calculation.

The App demo here:

Google Play Store:

Let's enjoy your bread recipes!


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Gilles Ted

Hi all,

The app I created is a REVOLUTION to bake your bread at home and change your life with a wonderful & simple way of eating healthy and tasty food every day. 

Download it, design and nake your dream bread.

Visit our WEBSITE

View our YouTube demo

Enjoy baking!


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Gilles Ted

Hi All,

To save time and bake Professionnal Bread I propose my French Bread Recipes Android App for free this week.

No more worry about Bakers Math including Sourdough, water temperature, raising time Timer, etc.

App Web site:

Google store:

Enjoy and let me know what do you think about the App.



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Gilles Ted

Dear Bakers, Dear Bread lovers,

I have created a Bread Recipes App on Android that computes automatically all parameters to bake the perfect loaf, sourdough and fresh starter.

The App will help you define the recipe you are after for most of the required cases of Bread Making: poolish, sourdough, french baguette. The method is supported by timer for each step of the artisan bread baking.

Visit the Google Play Store:

I am pretty sure the Bread Recipes App will answer to lots of your questions about ingredients, method for the best final result, the bread you had in mind.


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