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After my first cheese bread success at work (which in fact needed more cooking, but was a success anyway) I decided to get a chorizo bread now.

In this, my third bread, I made some adjustments:

  • Increase the oven temp to 220ºC from 150ºC.
  • Make sure I put salt! LOL.
  • Experiment with steam to get a crust.
  • Add more yeast to get more bubbles inside the bread and increase size.


IngredientQty - gram%
Flour, all purpose250100
Chorizo bits10040
Black peppersome-

Mix everything, knead it for 10 mins, let it rest for an hour, gently knead 10 times to remove excess of CO2, another hour in the mold or cooking recipient, into the oven, 220ºC for about 20 mins or until the core is about 90ºC.

The butter and fat of the chorizo makes everything pretty moisty. In the original receipe I put 200g of water which forced me to add some flour to compensate. With 175g you will be fine.

The steam really helped me to get a nice crust. Put an aspirin aside so you can figure out the scale of the bread.


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This is my first bread. I made it following the instructions of the instant Lesaffre yeast plus some stuff I saw in a BBC video with some french cook who loves too much the bread and cheers artisan ones. The portion is small as it's just for me ^_^

  • 250 gr 0000 flour.
  • 10 gr butter
  • 2 tsp of honey.
  • 175 ml milk
  • 2.5 gr instant yeast, all purpose.

Just mix everything, make sure the milk is not hot otherwise that will kill the yeast, knead for 10 minutes (no knead is no fun!) and let it rest for an hour. After that, gently press a little bit to flush the excess of CO2, massage it a little bit, give some shape and put in the pan. Let it rest for another hour. With a sharp knife make some cuts and throw in the oven at 150 ºC until it's golden brown because of the sugars and you are done!

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