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I'm seeking brave enough people to try a new recipe tool I've made.

It's a recipe editor that supports multiple stages, scaling, servings and the most important (I believe) nutrition data analysis based on USDA's NDB research. It allows the user to create a nutrient data report by selecting freely from a list of nutrients. I have included a recipe sample for testing only, I never made this bread actualy! Please understand that this is not fully debuged yet, so some errors may appear that I would like to know and fix them.


Requires Excel 2003 and up, and the use of macros must be enabled. The code included is large enough to do all this stuff. I don't know If you can trust me, but there is no malware code inside. I hate it. 

A database file is needed that can be downloaded from here :

A readme file is included that explains how to do it.

Mail me for a copy on :

And the tool is freeware as always. Happy baking to all !!!


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