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It’s my first blog post here, I’ve asked a few questions before and lurked a lot but thought I’d post a loaf for the first time! Here’s a simple 50% whole-wheat from the weekend.

The wheat is an organic/biodynamic milling wheat from Four Leaf in South Australia and was milled at home on my Retsel Mil-Rite. The other 50% is an organic bakers flour. 

The levain was fed 1:3:3, with a blend of fresh milled rye and organic bakers flour and left to ferment for ~4hours.

The wheat (200g) was milled and autolysed with the BF (200g) for two hours at ~83% hydration. 80g levain was added and mixed. At this point the dough felt a little stiff still, so I added some more water, I’m not sure exactly how much though.

30 mins later, 8g salt was added and mixed through. I did two sets of coil folds, one 30mins after the salt was added and another one 30mins after that.

The dough was allowed to bulk for around 3hours more. I turned out the dough and pre rounded it on the bench. I let it rest uncovered for 30mins before shaping it into a batard. This was a very simple shaping, I just did a letter fold and then placed it in the proofing basket.

It was allowed to proof at room temp for 30mins before being placed in the fridge for 12hours.

Baked in a preheated combo cooked at ~240c (not sure how accurate my oven is). First 20mins of bake was covered and next 20mins uncovered. 

I'll post a picture of the crumb when I slice into it :)

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