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A friend brought me a butternut squash that weighed in at about 3Kilos.  It is a big squash!  So naturally I decided to try putting squash in bread.  

Here is what I did,

AP flour 225g
Red Fife 70g
Squash puree (baked  the squash and then pureed it) 100g.
Starter (100%) 115g
Water 150g
Salt 5g
Maple syrup 18g
Pumpkin seeds - toasted 75g.

1.  Mix all but seeds by hand Let sit for 30 mins. add in seeds and do Stretch and folds to incorporate.
2.  Rise at room temp for 2.5 hours with a couple of sets of Stretch and folds in the bucket
3.  pre-shape, reset and then shape into baneton overnight in fridge.
4.  Let warm on counter while the oven heats
5. bake in pre-heated dutch ovens 35 mins lid on 15 mins lid off at about 450.

I'm happy with the taste, but I wish I got more rise out of it.  Maybe I was impatient and should have let it sit out of the fridge for a while. 

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The interesting thing here is that both loaves were from the same dough. You can't really see in the picture but the rise was very different. One proofed in a linen lined bowl and one in a banneton.  The one in the bowl didn't split for some reason and is much smaller.  They smell great though, hopefully they will taste good too.  I took my inspiration from Dani's current and honey loaf. I'm just starting to get brave enough to try putting my own spin on things. 

9g hemp hearts (what I had left in the bag) ,50 g chia seeds,50 g sesame seeds,50 g raisins (found some that I could eat! - these are just dried grapes, no oil added),25 g dried blueberries

Soaked all above in 30g honey and 200 g hot water for about an hour and a half.

Autolyse 550g AP flour, 250 g sprouted spelt, 200 g whole wheat with 50 g ground flax and 50 g kefir and 660 g water. I left it about 30 mins

Mix in 20g salt and 360 g levain - 3 sets of folds and let ferment for (not long enough because it was late and I needed to get up early) about 3 hours.  Shaped into banneton/bowl and left to proof in the fridge for close to 15 hours. 

Baked at somewhere between 450 and 410 (my oven isn't the greatest at regulating it's temperature) in DO with lid on 30 mins and lid off 20 mins. 

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