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Carbondale Comm...

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Carbondale Comm...

Wow--it's been 2 years since we wrote in this blog to ask for advice.  Now, we have a true community oven in Carbondale, Colorado, in which we have been baking for almost two years.  This summer, a beautiful new community garden will surround our Oven, bringing more bakers, tasters and excitement to the site.  Many folks have contacted us for advice on building their own ovens.  Also, local farmers have stepped up to grow wheat in our valley, like their parents and grandparents did 100 years ago-- and we are purchasing a grinder to process it.  In just two years, the Carbondale Community Oven has become a genuine local institution, adopted by everyone who loves good bread, local food, and the joy that comes from sharing such a magical yet elemental act with their friends and neighbors.  

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Thank you to the many individuals, organizations and businesses who made the Carbondale Community Oven a reality.


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