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Quite a while back, I was seeking information how to get a chewier, more elastic crumb in my sourdough loaves.

I was advised regarding protein content of flour and going for a higher hydration, and I would like to say a big THANKS to the several bakers who advised higher hydration, because it really did the trick.

I did have to figure out that 75-80% hydration means 750 or 800 GM water to 1000 GM flour, so it is 75% or 80% by weight. Then you have to convert that to cups for conventional measuring in the kitchen.  I threw in a 45 minute autolyse before mixing the proofed starter into the dough.

Now my bread has the texture we enjoy and my husband raves about it—and eats it all up.  Good thing I have a great mixer. (Ankersrum Assistent).

Thanks for the help.

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