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Hello again. Been some time since I have posted. I have been making this Ciabatta bread recipe for some time now . Posted many photos.  I get a good tasting loaf and full of holes and nice crust.

I have noticed that a commercial loaf always has a good rise to it.  Mine seems acceptable but wonder if I am  letting it proof to long before I pour it onto the bread board and make into loaves let rise 45 min then put in the oven to bake.

The spring in the oven is about 30-40 % . Still little on the flat side not a full rounded loaf.

Every one loves the bread  but I thought I could do better.

Have a Happy New Year,



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Finally 2 ? nice 1 lb. Sour Dough loaves. Lot of thanks to Mike Avery 

 Nice crispy chewy crust and a moist rich tasting crumb. Definitely a keeper this time. The birds will have to go without.




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