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I've been baking bad for just over a year now. Sourdough obsession came, peaked and then subsided for a few months whilst travelling. Its back with a vengeance as is my bread!

I came home to a very sorry looking starter. Abandoned for two months it was grey and stinky and had black water covering it. So, I just poured it off, mixed it all together, took a tablespoon and fed it. 

After a few days feeding it bounced right back. Hello bubbles and sweet fruity aromas.

Then I thought I try a new method and found Joshua  Weissman. A little annoying to listen too ( Sorry Joshua)  but easy to follow baking schedule and the best results Ive had in a year. If you haven't already found him here's a link to his website he's on insta and youtube too.

My bread came out of the banneton without sticking. A first. Then it held its shape whilst I gave it the oh so satisfactory light bakers slashes. Also a first. It ballooned in it's glass Dutch oven in record time, growing ears as I watched!

It came out singing. Crackling and popping and with lovely blistery bubbles in the crust. 

Im calling this a personal best. 

It was also delicious.



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