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holiday baking pics

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holiday baking pics

rathar that scater this all over the board i will post all holiday bakinmg pics here and some of the formulas that were used

the picks first and i will edit in the formulas when i have time this is only the start and have many more days of baking left

please do not "reply" to any ot the posts with pictures . that wat i can go back when i have time and edit  in the formulas just add a post at the end of this blog page thanks

White pan bread YES that is my scale in the backround (i have been baking for a long time)


i should say that these are all the same wieght but the tall one was in a 6 inch pan and the others were in 7 inch pans  they did not collaps i realy neet to get more 6 inch round forms. no excuse for me not having them.

Checker board Cake

Pound cake






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All of that looks amazing! Your wisdom and talent is in every piece! I love the scale and wish I could apprentice!

Waiting to see more!  Thanks for sharing. (Oh, do you hang your pannetone upside down cooling to keep them from collapsing?)



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i never herd of hanging them upside down. since i dont have the special pans they set a small amount but never had one fall flat

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There was just a story in Gourmet Magazine showing this.  They did it by pushing skewers through the bottom of the loaf and suspending it over a pot.  They also used the brown paper form which I am sure helped to support the skewers.

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King Arthur's (and I'm sure other places) sell Panettone Forms. I never thought about the loaf collapsing on itself after baking, but the forms are cheap enough and rigid enough to make good 'baking' pans to get good, uniform height from the loaves.

Hanging upside down by skewers sounds like a veiled threat I get from my wife from time to time regarding my hobby (she calls this an obsession). lol

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hanging.jpg picture by qahtan

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I love those checkerboard cakes - always have. 

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Vice Nice Breads and Cake...yumm!  Love your scale!


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water 8oz}
fresh yeast 2 Oz
bread flour 8oz


final dough

sugar 5 1/2 Oz
salt 1/4 oz
milk powder 1oz
lemon and orange oil or rind
butter Flavor
cardamon 1/16 oz
whole eggs 3oz
egg yolks 3 oz
bread flour 12 oz

melted butter 8 oz

use the flat beater (paddel)

mix the sponge and let rise till it starts to fall back

add the rest except for the butter and mix to a dough

then while mixing in first speed add the melted buter in a slow stream

then mix at 3 or 4 speed till a smoth dough is formed (should almost come clean from the bowl-a ka 5quart mixer will shake so do not walk away

alow to rise once and shape

give 3/4 proof NO MORE and bake at 325 -350

this has great oven spring and do not scale more than 12 oz for a 1Lb loaf pan

this formuls will yeald 4 12 oz loafs

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Norm how do you shape yours?


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Hi, Norm.

I'm baking babkas this coming weekend. I am planning on using Marcy Goldman's recipe kindly provided by Eli. However, if you have time to post the formula for babkas you favor, I would love to use it.

And I'm also interested on your twisty shaping technique. Looks like you use a sugar glaze rather than an egg wash. Or is it just the lighting?


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these are scaled 12 oz each the shapping is simple just roll them into a rectangle but not to big and cover with your filling i used almond filling in 2 and choc in the other 2 rollt hem up like a cinnamon bun the rope should be about 1 to 1 1/2 inch thick.  place both ends faceing you making a upsade down u shape . then klop the highest end of the curve of the u and twist the two ends over eachother forming the twist you see. the reason for the klop is so you can twist the strands over each other and the curve part of the u woun't be thicker than the ends.

egg wash before baking and simple syrup after.

this formula used a sponge and dough method i guess some people here call iit a bigga or preferment but it the bakeries we just used the term sponge.

use a good bread flour 12.7 proten or better

i am sure you know by now that my formulas do not come from any of the popular books yet i am working with someone and have a proposal in

\and a few puplishers have expressed intrest.

i will post the formula below the pics latter but get ready this one not for the diet watcher

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And I say again, I wish you success with your book proposal.  You might direct your prospective publishers here, so hey can see the great demand for your formulas and techniques. 

Have a good holiday season!

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You might actually write a book about your recipes?  And all your tips and techniques too?  Boy, I sure hope that pans out!


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actualy a sample chapter was submited to 20 publishers 13 rejectionss 4 are seriously looking at it and havent herd back from the others but it has been only about a month and thats 20 percent that are thinking about it

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And looks delicious.  Those babkas look fantastic.  I'll try your recipe over the holidays.

Thanks for sharing,


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Hi, Norm.

The babkas didn't make the cut this weekend, but they are on the top of my "to bake ASAP" list.

Could you provide quantities for the vanilla and for the lemon/orange oil or rind. I've not used these extracts before and have not a clue.

Also, how long does the sponge ferment, say at 70F? Can it be left on the counter to ferment overnight, for example?


And Happy Hannukah!


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the rind of one of each should be fine and vanila 1/4 to 1/2 oz will be fine

the sponge has 100% of the yeast in this no additional yeast is added to the final dough at 70 F this should rise in 1 to 1.5 hours i use fresh yeast and it looked like the bread on i love lucy in 1 hour.  it works fast.  the dough will slow down when at the final stage but for something this rich we need to realy get the yeast going and healthy.

remember you can allways call me and i can talk you through the shapping or any stage of the mixing

 i woun't ask you any of the it hurts when i do this questions

answer "so don't do that"

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For the additional info.


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How do you make a cake checkerboard like that? That is so neat!