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First attempt at bread - Ciabatta

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First attempt at bread - Ciabatta

Hi All,


I decided to make some bread yesterday for the first time so I went out and purchased the required ingredients and set about making some Ciabatta Rolls.

I made some Biga last night (2 cups H2O, 3 Cups Flour & 1/4 tsp yeast) and let it do its thing for around 12hrs.

This morning I mixed another 2 cups of H2O with 3 cups of flour and another 1/4 tsp of yeast plus the Biga from last night. I let that sit for around 20mins before stretching and folding for another 20mins or so.

I put it in a warm spot for around 5 more hours before cutting my portions and putting them in the oven.

I must say they turned out very well and I am very happy with these, especially being my first attempt.



I can't wait until next week to try my hand at something different!


Mimmo =)

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Those look fabulous!!!  Great job!

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Welcome aboard, Mimmo!

You're not supposed to be able to bake ciabatta that well for your first attempt at baking bread! What're you trying to do, make all us "experienced" bakers look bad? ;-)

Seriously, great work! If my first ciabatta came out that good I would have been ecstatic, let alone my first bread! LOL

Nice job with the pix as well.

Soundman (David)

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Beautiful bread!! You are a natural! Thanks for sharing.


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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the kind words.