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Bread Machines

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Jassie 2

Bread Machines


I'm interested in purchasing a bread machine, prefably a ZO but I'm just wondering if anyone has a particualr model from that range that they can recommend. Also, if anyone enjoys using the Breville bread machines please also comment.



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I haven't used their bread machine but I am a big fan of their products. I have their espresso maker, burr mill coffee grinder, cast metal juicer and slow cooker. They have never let me down yet, I trust their products.

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Jassie 2

Thank you Bella, I'll take that into consideration.

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Hi Jasmine

I have an older version of the larger machine (BBCC-X20), and it is wonderful.  I am on my second machine from them, I use it about 3 times per week, and get great results whether I just prepare the dough using the machine or if I bake it in the machine too.  One of the motors went out on the first machine I had, but only after heavy use for about two and a half years.  Actually this was probably my fault as one of the paddles was getting stiff, probably as I didn't dry it well enough after washing.  The second machine is going strong at least 3 years in.


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I have had mine for years...still works great!  I think it's the best one on the market!  If you like using a bread machine it's the one to get!  Get the top of the line one.  You just missed King Arthur's free shipping...maybe they will have another soon...




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Jassie 2

Thanks Slyvia, I've read a lot of good comments on it too.

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I have a large Zo which I bought about 1 year ago.  I have used it less than a dozen times.  I would consider selling it if you are interested.  I prefer to make bread by hand.

I would let you have it for $125 plus shipping.


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Jassie 2

Hi Bill,

That sounds like a really good deal! However, I live in Singapore not in the States so I believe you wouldhave to reconsider your offer.:) Is yours a 2 lb model though?