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Weekend Bake - Anadama Bread and Poilane-style Miche

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Weekend Bake - Anadama Bread and Poilane-style Miche

This weekend I baked Reinhart's Anadama Bread and the Poilane-style Miche featured on the cover of BBA.  Someone mentioned the Anadama recipe in another post, and I remembered making it years ago from a Better Homes recipe.  Needless to say, the BBA recipe is head-and-shoulders above my old one.

Here are some picts of the Anadama Bread:

The Miche was a monster, but a lot of fun to build and bake.  Here it is just before slashing and baking:

And fresh out of the oven:

And finally, what miche photo spread would be complete without...

BBA Miche Tribute Photo

My humble tribute to Peter Reinhart!!

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Love your pics! Now you have a cover shot for your own book. Beautiful bread too!  I used to make Anadama Bread years ago.  Yours looks so soft and rose beautifully - I'll have to try the BBA version.


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I haven't thought about Anadama bread in years.  Your breads look wonderful.

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Wisecarver (not verified)

Looks very good.

Espresso somewhere in the background would have made it perfect. ;-)

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LA Baker


I just bought the BBA and tried the first recipe Anadama Bread.  He says that it makes three 3 pound loaves or 2 1 1/2 pound loaves.  I only have two 1 pound loaf pans and one 1 1/2 pound pan.  So I divided into 3 equal portions, shaped them using PR's method and placed them in the pans to proof.  The two in the smaller pans crested above the rim of the pans by about an inch and the one in the large pan crested just to the rim.  I baked the smaller two first and they didn't spring at all and one of them collapsed slightly.  When I went to place the larger loaf in after the others were done, I banged it on the edge of the oven and it pancaked! 

Do you have any suggestions for me??  Yours look AMAZING!!



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Charlotte, thanks. I had a lot of fun baking those.  I haven't made the Anadama again, as I've been making so many other breads.  But it's definitely a recipe I will do again.  From your description (no oven spring, pancaking), I would say you probably overproofed your dough.  I have found with some recipes that the dough is proofed sooner than the time called for in the instructions.

The way to tell if your dough is properly proofed is to give it a poke.  If the indentation from your finger does not fill back in, the dough is not fully proofed.  If it springs back right away, it's overproofed.  And if the indent fills back in slowly, it's fully proofed.

Hope that helps.


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LA Baker

Thanks Phyl,

I think I will try this recipe again but instead of dividing into 3 portions, I will only do 2 and use my smaller pans.  I left them to proof for a really long time because I was trying to get them to crest over my pans, but I don't think there was enough dough to do it without overproofing.

I'll let you know how it turns out this weekend.

Thanks again.