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Equipment with someone else's money

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Equipment with someone else's money

Hey there everyone,

Well, it happened, Ive been told to get my wish list together. The owners of the restaurant where I work have told me we are going to start bread production for inside use and some limited pastry/other goody making. I've got a pretty good list going of stuff I will need to add to what I have.

The Assets:
Some workspace, standard full and half pans, reasonable scale and a 15lb flour balance. Most of the general purpose tools (spats, scrapers, dockers, etc) Plenty of measuring/scaling tools, 2 6qt Kitchen Aid mixers and a 30# Hobart (which I have to share with the rest of the kitchen, and usually THEY get prioirity).

The liabilities
No dedeicated bakingspace, timing will need to be worked out and lots of little fiddly issues.

The list:
Extra speed racks
Proper proof box
Locking storage for tools.
Rolling bins for dry storage
Misc muffin, bread and other pans
Finished product storage (bags and sundries)
Digital Thermometer

I could go on and on until the back room looks like the bakeshop at school did, but that won't help.

What, apart from what I have listed, are the ten or so things I need that I am simply forgetting? (And no, I cannot have a large axe to threaten whichevwer of the prep cooks or dishwashers through out my s-dough starter!)

Thanks, Marc the Wombatq

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I like your avatar. Been drinking Vernor's since the early 60's when I was stationed in Detroit. It seems to taste differently now then it used to.

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be prepaired to work the late late night shift