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The challah that browned too much

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The challah that browned too much

We have a guest coming over tonight, so I went for my standard guest loaf.  1/4 King Arthur WW flour, 2 tablespoons of flax meal.  The six-strand braid is always a challenge for me, but I only had to do it twice today.  After the first time, I realized that some of the strands were too fat, so I cut them down and had enough for a baby challah, also six-strand.


 just after braiding.  I had a little extra left over for the baby sister challah.

 I baked a couple of flax sourdough loaves just before the challah.  And forgot to turn the temperature down.  What's 125 degrees between friends??


The baby challah turned out well.  We'll see how the guest likes Extra Brown Challah.  Yikes, from the other side of the room, it looks like some kind of dark Halloween trick or treat bread:


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They look good to me.

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I don't know, for my taste it's the other way around - large challah is just right and the boules are too pale.


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Doesn't look too dark to me, it looks just right, beautiful.               weavershouse

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Bless bread.  The dark crust was a bit dry for me, but no one else seemed to notice.  The inside was perfect.  I baked it to 200 degrees, about 30 minutes instead of the usual 35, with a foil tent to help prevent further browning.

Sadly, no one but me noticed just how cute the nano challah was.  It is just over 6".  I'm thinking of giving it to the dog tomorrow.  He'll enjoy it.

I'm thinking six-strand 6" rolls like this would be great for a holiday or other special occasion.  More work, but they're so cute. 


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They both look great !!

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I found my Standard Guest Challah recipe in Fine Cooking.  I just added some whole wheat and flax meal.  Look at the bottom of the page for a video on how to do the six-strand braid.