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Slashing Rustic Bread Loaves

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Slashing Rustic Bread Loaves

I just finished making my second loaves from this site...the Rustic Bread. I followed the ingredient amounts exactly. The only things I did differently were:
1) added the water and yeast mixture for the final dough directly to the bowl with the preferment in it, then I just mixed in the dry ingredients with the dough hooks on my mixmaster (fewer dishes to deal with afterwards!);
2) since I had to leave the house this afternoon, the first rise was quite long (1 hour on the counter and 5 hours in the refrigerator!); and
3) the final rise for the second loaf (round one with cross marks) was 45 minutes longer than the first one (while the first loaf was baking)


Since there was some recent interest on this site about photos of scoring/slash marks, I thought I would contribute to this with some before and after photos of my Rustic Bread loaves.

May 17 before#1

May 17 after#1

May 17 before#2

May 17 after#2