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San Francisco Baking Institutue - experiences?

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San Francisco Baking Institutue - experiences?

Has anyone taken one of the 5-day workshops at the San Francisco Baking Institute? I was thinking of taking their "Artisan I" class and wasn't sure whether it was worth it. Any advice appreciated (including Bay Area alternatives that may be better).



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My next door neighbor, who was an avid home baker, took that workshop and loved it. He is now working at an artisan bakery in town.

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Thanks! Any other comments welcome, of course, but I'll probably go for it (and report back here later).


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I have taken 6 classes in the past from them. Artisan 1 and 2, Breakfast pastries, and more.

Though I had Dieder Rosada and Jeff Yankellow both international winners in pastries and breads, as a professional I thought the classes were fantastic.

Last summer the class I took had 16 people 6 were professionals the rest enjoyed baking as a hobby. The curriculum, though geared to a professional was understandable to a layman with some baking experience.

If going I would suggest reading some books about breads. Hammelmans book would be a good primer.

If you have any more questions you can email me at

Carlton Brooks CEPC, CCE
Mesa, Arizona

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I notice that both Dieder Rosada and Jeff Yankellow have recently left SFBI (in October and March respectively I believe). Does anybody know if their departures have had a significant consequence?