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Fine grind whole rye flour

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Fine grind whole rye flour

As the title says, does anyone know a brand that has a fine grind whole rye flour...?

I've used bobs red mill and hodgson mill, although I like it, I think I would still prefer a fine grind whole rye, compared to course. I was thinking maybe king arthurs "pumpernickel" flour might be like this. Reason why I think that is because both their red and white whole wheat flours are both very much so a fairly fine grind.

I appreciate any and all help guys, I just love this place, I enjoy baking so much my mother asks me to stop talking about it :)


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Mini Oven

is coarse.  It is whole berry rye meal, not flour.

Mini O

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Hi, Daniel.

As Mino O said, pumpernickel flour is, by definition, coarsely ground whole rye.

The fine ground whole rye I get is from Giusto's. My local Whole Foods Market carries it in their bulk food department. Unfortunately, Giusto's doesn't sell that flour directly to consumers.

If you have a bakery locally that makes rye breads, they may sell you some rye flour. You may also have luck getting it through a local health foods store that sells bulk flour.

Good luck.


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Mini Oven

baking overdone theme....  I think most of us do.  You would think we were overproofed!  And WE LOVE IT HERE!  No danger of overproofed humans here at TFL, just overproofed dough. 

Although my family is used to my bread desktop screen on my computer, they flee when the see it better than repellent.  :)

Mini O

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I sift Hodgson Mills flour.  You lose about 40% as schrot, but that can be used in lieu of cracked rye in other recipes.  The flour I get is still a bit coarse, but much better than the original.