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Silestone for bread counter?

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Silestone for bread counter?

Does anyone else out there have Silestone counters that you use when prepping your bread?  Have you encountered any issues cleaning the counter? Or issues with any kind of scratching or marring from you dough blade or other tools?  The company says that the counters are entirely food safe, and I suppose I believe that, but I'd also like to be sure I won't damage the counters before kneading a huge batch of bread, or rolling out some pie dough directly on the countertop.


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I've been using my counter for the last five years and it works very well for kneading bread dough, with or without flour.  I don't use a metal dough scraper/knife directly on the counter for dividing, of course. I did get a gift of a KA kneading mat and that is super, but for quick handling I use the counter. For clean-up, it also is very nice to wash up all that flour that gets everywhere. Anet