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Metal lame handle???

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Metal lame handle???

I am currently using the coffe stirrer + razor blade method and would like something more permanent.  I have seen these somewhere before from what I can remember there were 2 one was a straight one and one was curved.  I am totally lost as to where I did see them and just did a search on Google and came up with nothing.  So can anyone remind me where I did see this item as I am getting tired of having to carve my coffe stirrers to fit throught the razor blades.  Also I have tried the plastic disposable lames that they sell alot of places and have found them to bee quite dull compared to the traditional double edged razor.  

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Hi, JIP.

I seem to remember seeing what you describe on a French or German web site. I am sorry I don't recall more detail.

However, a number of us are enamored of the Pure Komachi serrated tomato knife as the best tool for bread scoring we have found. Here's a link:


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wow, if it was at a german site and anyone remembers, would you post the link. i've nearly become mad in my search for them, even my good reliable baking supply can't get them. and a good knife is not affordable for me right now. thank you!

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Metal lame holders are sold through the SFBI:

Scroll down to "Blades" (left column) and the third item under "Blades" is a "Baker's Blade Holder"  


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Ahh see I knew I saw them somewhere.

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this is what I use. At first I thought I must change it into a proper handle. But as time goes on, it works so I left it.



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Applause, applause.....

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Well I have all manner of improvised handles.  As I said I am currently using the coffee stirrer method. 

And I like using it since it keeps the blade curved but since the stirrer is a pain to whittle small enough I would like to have something with a littl more permanence.

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Well I ourchased them some time back from SFBI and I love them.  I really enjoy buying from them as their prices are so good.  I ordered 2 oval 1.5 Brotforms??(right name??) and they cost $35 for 2 shipped where Sur La Table caries the round ones for $29.95 each.

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Floyd posted that he used the coffee stirrers from Star Bucks - they work beautifully for curving double-edged razor blades without trimming them.

I use hemostats for straight scoring, I've had them for years but have seen them in hardware stores. They tightly grip the blade so there's no chance of it slipping.

We found a deal on ebay - 1oo double edge blades for $10. All set for a long, long time!