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Pics of the latest Earth Oven bakes

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Pics of the latest Earth Oven bakes

cooking in the wood fired oven is very different than cooking in the house. it is both easier and more difficult - easier in that the oven holds its heat steady so there is none of the temperature compenstation strategies, and the hearth makes a huge difference in the crust. more difficult in that it takes SO MUCH LONGER and the timing is really tricky.

overall, though, i want to retire so i can just cook all our meals in it. this is the best and most satisfying project i've done yet.

anyway, here are some pics from the last few weeks:

olive sourdough, rye sourdough, and 100% sprouted wheat and rye berry bread


jim's basic bread - this was the tastiest sourdough i've yet made. the crust was beautiful, with wonderful fermentation bubbles, and the crumb structure was great.

i'll post more pics of the pizza party when i get a chance to download from my camera.


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  Your pics are great and looking forward to the pizza party pictures.  Nothing beats that woodfired taste.  Have you made use of the hot coals from the wood to do steaks?  They are great...I got an oven grill from to do steaks or chicken, are so handy you could probably easily make one.  It goes right inside the can do pizza and steaks at the same time...I noticed you have a great assembly line going....there are some woodfired oven enthusiasts that pride themselves on how many items they can cook in one oven firing...and righfully you have said it's not've done a fantastic job. Sylvia

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They look great.