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In the beginning, there was barley...

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In the beginning, there was barley...

It was the nicest kind of serendipity that drew me into working with barley. A friend asked if I could make her some sprouted barley bread. She heard that sprouted grain breads are healthy, and she knows how much I enjoy a challenge.

Naturally, my first stop was TFL. Mini O, how did I miss that you were working with barley, too? I guess I was too focused at that point on "sprouted barley bread" as a search term. I found some references to other barley breads and looked further afield.

I accumulated lots of info about barley in general, its different forms and many uses. See here, if you want to delve further. Who knew what an important role this humble grain played in creating the world we know today?

Didn't find recipes for SBB, but I found references to a product made by the Alvarado Street Bakery of Sonoma County, California. They bill themselves as a global supplier of whole grain breads and bagels. Their loaf has sprouted barley and wheat berries plus a few other things including raisins. That wasn't what my friend had in mind. I kept looking.

My research ultimately led me to some non-sprouted barley breads that I really wanted to try. Also found a sprouted wheat bread recipe I figured I could modify for my friend to include sprouted barley as well. I reasoned that the plain barley breads would teach me what I needed to know to make a success of the sprouted version. Good excuse? We'll see how it works out. My wonderful friend said, "Carol, I'm sure I'll be happy to eat whatever you're happy to make."  :)

First up was Jeffrey Hamelman's Beer Bread with Roasted Barley. That will be my next blog entry – with pictures.



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I've developed an original recipe that contains barley in it and am trying to make it presentable now, and in a written down form. :) As I've been baking it for a while but strictly by feel. Once I have it all done and the fotos I'll post that in my blog here too. But there is no sprouted barley in it, just regular barley.


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I will be interested in reading about what you come up with.  I love the flavor of barley and am looking forward to seeing how you use it.  My most common approach is a 100% barley flour loaf - not "bread" in the traditional sense, but so incredibly tasty (especially toasted) that I don't mind.

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Mini Oven

yesterday. Yes the Koreans are big on barley. I thought Job's tears and Juno's tears were pine nuts. Turns out they were one of many kinds of barley listed for a tea beverage showing a picture of the roasted grains used. My eyes are opening.... Roasted Barley flour is also available and a main ingredient in health drinks.  (Think it will make my dough sticky?)

Thanks for the link. I knew there were good reasons why I like barley.

Mini O