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This is my first loaf of Pain au Levain from Jeff Hamelman's "Bread" using the starter I created using the durum flour procedure to improve sour a couple weeks ago. The starter was a bit slow upon coming out of a 2 week sleep and refreshed. It did wake and get active so here we are.

I'll post a crumb image later along with the flavor evaluation of sour.

Added by Edit: The crumb isn't very open and there is no, zero, nada sour flavor. I would say that if there is a sour benefit to be had by using durum, it may be in elaborating with durum and not an extended procedure using it. 



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I look forward to seeing the crumb and to hear what you think about the teste. They are just beautiful, as is all your bread.                 weavershouse

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Whats your steaming technique? Your breads are consistently beautiful!

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Thanks Chavi,

When I want to make a loaf that has the very best rise and I can make just one loaf, I use a covered top and hand steamer or just a bowl over the top. But, for the greatest majority of breads I make I have an old baking pan with a half size split of fire brick for extra thermal mass on the bottom shelf. I pour 1 cup of hot water in the pan. I have an electric oven that allows me to block the vents which are in the front. I genrally steam for 10 minutes, never open the door to add additional water and remove the towell blocking the vent after 10 minutes. Hope that helps.


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Is the hand steamer you mentioned the steam maker bread baker that you mentioned in an other stream? I wanted to ask you whether you found it made a significant difference.

My oven has the vents in the front and I will try putting a towel or something over it next time. I dont seem to get any appreciable oven spring and there is always water left in the pan. I guess the extra mass in the pan and maybe a cast iron pan would also help.

Of course I am a novice beginner if there is such a thing.

The comments and other info on The fresh loaf are really great and I'm into a time when I have trouble going to sleep. Instead I'm thing about doing another bread and how I can improve. Thanks to all the contributer here.

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Yes the steamer I have is the one mentioned in a thread last year. Since then I have learned that the cover is more important than the steamer. The dough has plenty of water to make steam inside the cover. I do occasionally use the cover and steam generator and it works very well.

All you really need is a simple 4 liter stainless steel bowl and a pair of hot pads and a spatula to lift it off the stone.


I just want to make sure I mention again that you should never block the vent on a gas oven. NEVER EVER block a gas oven.

So let us hear or see your progress. I would worry less about steaming at this point and get so you can make  a nice basic white bread with a pre ferment. There are plenty of recipes and a good training section on the front page.

Good luck,